How to stash the password to file

Open a command prompt or terminal.

Navigate to the directory where the runmqakm tool is located. The exact location may vary depending on your system and IBM MQ installation.

Use the runmqakm command with the -keydb option to specify the KDB file, the -stashpw option to stash the password, and the -type option to specify the type of the key database. Here’s the command syntax:

runmqakm -keydb -stashpw -db -type cms -pw -file

  1. Replace <kdb_file> with the path to the KDB file. Provide the <password> for the KDB file. Specify <stash_file> with the path to the file where you want to stash the password.
  2. If the password stash is successful, you should see a confirmation message.

Stashing the password to a file allows you to retrieve it later automatically when using the KDB file. Make sure to secure the stash file and restrict access to it to maintain the security of the KDB file.

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