Difference of using MQ HA setups in IBM MQ

There are mainly 2 types of MQ HA setups used in the organisations.

1.Active-Passive setup

2.Active-standby setup

There are many difference between both the setups. Some of them are as listed below:

1.Active/Standby setup [ multi instance ]

  • It uses a network shared file system.
  • It comes with the regular MQ package.
  • No additional cost for license.
  • etc…

2.Active/Passive [Using Pace-maker/ GPFS ..etc]

  • It replicates data between qmgrs.
  • It has DR/HA setups.
  • Additional cost for advanced MQ feature.
  • etc.

You can find more details on the setups from the below documentation.


Choosing a particular HA MQ setup always depends on customer needs and business requirements. MQ support cannot comment on which one to go for.

If you would need a more detailed assessment for your HA set up requirement, then check with Professional services from IBM .

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