Refer below document and enabling Debug on both Nodemanger and Oracle http server instance . OHS logs will be available in the below location

- DOMAIN_HOME/nodemanager/nodemanager.log
- DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<component>/logs/<component>.log
- DOMAIN_HOME/system_components/OHS/ohs_nm.log
Enabling debug for Nodemanager and OHS
1. Set 'LogLevel=FINEST' in the file.

    Linux/Unix: $DOMAIN_HOME/nodemanager/
    Windows:   %DOMAIN_HOME\nodemanager\

2. Set 'LogLevel=FINEST' in the file.

    Linux/Unix: $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/components/OHS/
    Windows:   %DOMAIN_HOME\config/fmwconfig\components\OHS\

3. Set following in the httpd.conf file.

    Linux/Unix: $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/components/OHS/ohs_1/httpd.conf
    Windows:   %DOMAIN_HOME\config/fmwconfig\components\OHS\ohs_1\httpd.conf

OraLogMode odl-text

OraLogSeverity TRACE:32


The following can also be set for,

OraLogMode odl-xml

OraLogSeverity TRACE:32

  1. Restart the Nodemanager and OHS.

Note : LogLevel
Accepted values:
SEVERE (highest value)
FINEST (lowest value)
Default: INFO

OHS and Nodemanager logfile location

1. General NM log messages.

    Linux/Unix: $DOMAIN_HOME/nodemanager/nodemanager.log
    Windows:   %DOMAIN_HOME\nodemanager\nodemanager.log

2. NM specific OHS log messages.

   Linux/Unix: $DOMAIN_HOME/system_components/OHS/ohs_nm.log
   Windows: %DOMAIN_HOME\system_components\OHS/ohs_nm.log

3. General OHS log messages.

   Linux/Unix: $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/ohs_1/logs/error_log  or ohs1.log
   Windows: %DOMAIN_HOME\servers/ohs_1\logs\error_log or ohs1.log

Note :

This note can be applied to the collocated OHS.
But OHS start and stop commands are different in the collocated OHS.

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