How to start stand-by mq instance in standalone mode when active qmgr is crashed and can not failover?

On a multi-instance QMGR setup when the active QMGR server is crashed and cannot recover at all from the backup .In this case we have a standby server which we can start in a standalone more if we are not able to make it active .

Follow below steps to make the stand-by QMGR to run in a standalone mode

Recovery procedure:

1. Shutdown the queue manager and kill the MQ processes if the queue

  manager is not responding.

2. Ensure no MQ process is running on the active/standby nodes

3. Delete the master, active and standby files from the queue manager


4. Start the queue manager.

5. If the problem persists move to next step.

6. Shutdown/kill MQ processes

7. Unmount and then remount shared file system on the client nodes

  (The servers where queue managers are running) and then start

  the queue manager.

8. If step 7 does not resolve, follow the procedure given below:

You have to duplicate the entire queue manager. i.e. back the qmgr and then rename the existing qmgr data and log directory and then restore from backup(i.e duplicate copy taken) taken. That way all files will be new. Once started successful delete the back up directory. 

#cp -rp <qmgr log dir> <log backup dir1>

#mv <qmgr log dir> <log backup dir2>

#cp -rp <log backup dir1> <qmgr log dir>

#cp -rp <qmgr data dir> <qmgr data backup dir1>

#mv <qmgr data dir> <qmgr data backup dir2>

#cp -rp <qmgr data backup dir1> <qmgr data dir> 

9. Start the queue manager with “-x” option.

10. If the problem still persists please involve the NFS vendor

  and/or OS support.  

Try out this .Hope this will help . Thanks for visiting the page !!!

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