How to update WebSphere Application Server Service password on Windows System

Here we will see how to update the password for DMGR service . Same setups are applicable for AppNode ,Admin Node ,Node agent etc .

1) Change password of wsadmin(primary admin user) from WAS admin console.
2) Updated dmgr service
C:/u01/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer90/bin>WASService -add “CellManager01” -serverName dmgr -profilePath C:/u01/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer90/profiles/Dmgr01 -logRoot C:/u01/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer90/profiles/Dmgr01/logs -stopArgs “-username wsadmin -passowrd wsadmin1”

Adding service:CellManager01
             Config Root:  C:/u01/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer90/profiles/Dmgr01/config
             Server Name:  dmgr
             Profile Path: C:/u01/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer90/profiles/Dmgr01
             WAS Home:  c:/u01/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer90/
             Start Args:  
             Restart:  1
Service already exists, updating parameters…

Since we use existing service name hence it will update the parameters other wise it will create new service with the given parameters .

3)Check stopArguments parameter was updated in windows registry


stopArguments -username wsadmin -passowrd wsadmin1

we can check detail in the following url

4) Stop dmgr using a new password
c:/u01/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer90/bin>WASService -stop “CellManager01”  “-username wsadmin -passowrd wsadmin1”
Successfully stopped service.

Note : WebSphere only require Username and password for stopping the service but not needed for starting the service .

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