IBM MQ installation on Linux Server

pre-requisite to install MQ on LInux server are 1. we should have the server ready with the latest or min required OS version . 2.Package downloaded from the site and upload to the server .

Now follow below steps to install MQ on Linux server .

1.Download MQ base package is uploaded to the server in /tmp location

2.gunzip WS_MQ_xxx.tar.gz and then extract
  tar -xvf WS_MQ_xxx.tar

Note: if we don’t want some package like FT or AMS we can remove those from MQServer before installation . Every package add License value so based on what we need that only we should install . Since this is Demo and we use trail version so installing all the components .

4.execute and press Enter
 Enter 1 to accept the License
5.Install the files
  rpm -ivh MQSeries*.rpm
6.Verify the installed MQ using rpm -qa |grep -i mq

Need to set the installation name to the environment so that all the commands will refer this installation . Since this is the first mq installation on the server Installation1 is the name .

As a part of mq installation it will create the default mqm group and id mqm .

Now switch to mqm id and run dspmqver to see the installed mq version on the server .


From now all the time we use mqm id for any mq QMGR handling . Only for patching we will use root id .

We will see MQ patching on Linux server in the MQ Patching on Linux

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