message channel monitor ibm MQ

Channel can be monitored more details with the below .Generally we all might have used dis chs(channel_name) to display the channel status . Below will give more details than the previous one let have a try and see what is displays .


Channel status parameters and Description

MONITOR –> Displays the set of Channel Monitoring fields turned on by MONCHL

STATUS –> Channel state – what the channel is doing

SUBSTATE –> More granular status – what the channel is doing in detail

LONGRTS, SHORTRTS –> Number of channel retries left to do

LSTMSGDA, LSTMSGTI –> When the last message was sent down the channel

HBINT –> The negotiated heartbeat interval used on this instance


INDOUBT –> Is the sender currently indoubt with its partner

KAINT –> The current value of keepalive being used on this channel

MSGS, BATCHES –> How many messages, in how manay batches sent so far

Channel Status Monitor parameter & Description

COMPRATE –> The compression rate achieved

COMPTIME –> The time spent doing compression

EXITTIME –> The time spent running exits

NETTIME –> The time a network round trip takes

XBATCHSZ –> Achieved Batch Size

XQMSGSA –> Messages available for CLUSSDR

XQTIME –> The time messages spend on the Transmission Queue

Parameter Reference

HBINT –> Heartbeat Interval

BATCHSZ –> Maximum number of Messages in a Batch

BATCHINT –> Minimum lifetime of a Batch of Messages

DISCINT –> Interval after which a channel will end

SHORTRTY, SHORTTMR, LONGRTY, LONGTMR –> Channel retry counts and timers

MRRTY, MRTMR, MREXIT, MRDATA –> Message retry counts and timers and exit

MAXINST, MAXINSTC –> Restrict the number of inbound clients

QM.INI – Channel Parameters

AdoptNewMCA –> Adopt Channel types

AdoptNewMCATimeout –> Adopt Quiesce time-out

AdoptNewMCACheck –> Adopt parameter check

KeepAlive –> Use Keepalive

Some of the attributes are part of the true channel definition and others are setup in other places such as an INI file.

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