MQ installation conflicts with

Hi I am trying to un-install and its fix packs . During un-installation some rpm’s are not un-installed successfully . I tried to rename /opt/mqm then started installing mq but it ends up giving error MQ installation conflicts with for some of the available faulty rpms . Then i tried googling it found some solutions from IBM .

Process to forcefully install or uninstall MQ, or an MQ Fix Pack from Linux

I tried to force un-installation of rpm that are still available and not successfully done using below command

rpm -ev –nodeps –noscripts `rpm -qa | grep MQSeries`

un-install is successful for the faulty rpms’s then renamed /opt/mqm and tried to install MQ 9200 .it works fine for me .

I am here posting entire document that i read . see if it helps but very care full if it is prod take help of IBM support and do it .


You apply an MQ Fix Pack to a Linux system.For an unknown reason, the installation fails.A second attempt to install the Fix Pack fails with an error message stating that the Fix Pack was already installed.Now you try to uninstall the Fix Pack but the attempt fails with an error message stating that is not installed.
At this point you want to forcefully uninstall MQ in order to start from the beginning.


Due to exceptional circumstances, it is possible that the attempts to install/uninstall IBM MQ somehow results in an inconsistent state for the MQ filesets in the RPM database.Attempts to uninstall the MQ rpms fail.

Resolving The Problem

Only use the following command under the advice from IBM MQ Support.
a) In exceptional circumstances, it might be necessary to FORCE an installation:
rpm -ivh –force –nodeps –noscripts –replacefiles MQ*.rpm
b) In exceptional circumstances, it might be necessary to FORCE an uninstallation:

rpm -ev –nodeps –noscripts `rpm -qa | grep MQSeries`

c)  If the above uninstallation fails, then the following could be done to remove the packages from the rpm DB (without affecting the files in /opt/mqm – thus, after the removal of the packages is done, the directory /opt/mqm must be manually deleted): rpm -qa | grep MQSeries | xargs rpm -e –justdb
 After running the rpm command(s) delete the MQ install directory (/opt/mqm)
 This is very important because the “–justdb” option only updates the rpm DB, leaving intact the /opt/mqm directory.

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