MQ Error 2085 (0825) (RC2085): MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME

The reason ‘2085’ (‘MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME’) occurs when An MQOPEN, MQPUT1 , or MQSUB call was issued, but the object identified by the ObjectName and ObjectQMgrName fields in the object descriptor MQOD cannot be found.

Please have a look at below MQ documentation for the details:

2085 (0825) (RC2085): MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME

So the key information is what are the ObjectName (queue name) and ObjectQMgrName (queue manager name) used by the application, and what are they received by MQ queue manager.

There will be some case where you have QMGR and Queue name every thing is correct and if you get 2085 error then we may need to enable MQ trace to see what is being received to get this error .

Steps to collect MQ trace:

1. Make sure that MQ trace directory (for example, /var/mqm/trace ) is empty, and the file system is large enough. Please consider to mount or make a symbolic link from trace directory to a separate large file system. When the trace and queue manager are stored on same file system, if the file system is filled up, the queue manager will be stopped abnormally.

2. Start the MQ trace

strmqtrc -m QMgrName -t detail -t all

(replace QMgrName with the real queue manager name)

3. Re-create the issue so that 2085 hit again

4. End the MQ trace immediately after the error is received

endmqtrc -a

5. Format the MQ trace files on MQ for AIX.

cd /var/mqm/trace

dspmqtrc *.TR* (creates .FMT files)

6. Gather the data:

7. On MQ server, log in as mqm user and use following runmqras command to gather MQ data, a zip file will be created, the command will display the name and location of the output file when it completes.

runmqras -qmlist QMgrName -section defs,trace

(replace QMgrName with the real queue manager name)

Share the traces and runmqras output with IBM for investigation . They will suggest based on the logs . It may be a bug in the MQ version that you use .

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