1) define a local queue (LQ1)

def qlocal(LQ1)

Properties of q


1) put –> Enabled/Disabled

2) get –> Enabled/Disabled

3) maxddepth –> max no of msgs : default -5000 msgs 

4) masmsglenth –> max length of a msg – default 4 MB

5) curdepth –> no fo msgs at present in a q –> always an interger value

6) ipprocs –> number of applications that is connected to the q to get message

7) oproces –> number of applications that is connected to the q to put message  

2) define a remote q (RQ)

def qr(RQ) rname(olx) rqmname(rqm) xmitq(tq)


 2a) define a transmission q(TQ)


3) define a alias queue (AQ)

def qa(app1) targtype(queue) target(‘LQ1’)

def qa(app2) targtype(queue) target(‘LQ1’)

4) define a sender channel

def chl(sdr.chl) chltype(sdr) conname(‘’) xmitq(TQ)


5) define receiver channel

def chl(rcvr.chl) chltype(rcvr)

6) define mq listener

def listener(LS1) trptype(tcp)

def listener(ls2) trptype(tcp) port(1415) control(qmgr)

dis lsstatus(ls1)

   8 : dis lsstatus(ls1)

AMQ8631: Display listener status details.


  PID(2993)                STARTDA(2016-12-02)

  STARTTI(08.05.08)            DESCR( )


  IPADDR(*)                PORT(1414)


7) use of mq sample programs to put and get messages in a q



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