WebSphere MQ DISCINT and its recommendation

Normal behavior of sender and receiver channels is they will be in inactive state when there is no active message flow and will come up when there is active message flow. Setting DISCINT to 0 means that the channel will not disconnect but if any network issue occurs it can cause channel disconnect.

After setting DISCINT to 0 we need to restart the channels as the changed parameters will take effect only after a channel restart.

Even after restarting the channels if we can see that the channels are going into inactive state then we need to collect runmqras output using the below command when channels goes into inactive state and share it.

runmqras -qmlist <qmgr name> -section defs

Note: please replace qmgr name with your actual qmgr name.

The best practice is to use the normal behaviour of sender and receiver channels as keeping the channels always running even when there is no active message flow by setting DISCINT to 0 will affect system performance.

DISCINT will always keep the channels up and running even if there are no messages to flow which consumes System resources like CPU ,Memory etc .

In many organisation system resources are not matter as they have enough CPU and memory for MQ so they want the channels to be up and running all the time for the messages . In this case DISCINT parapets will help to keep the channels up and running .

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