enable ECDH/ECDHE ciphers in Websphere Application Server 8.5?

To enable QoP setting in WebSphere follow below path

I cannot see or select the ECDHE ciphers from the Admin Console, under Security > SSL certificate and key management > SSL configurations > “your SSL configuration” > Quality of protection (QoP) settings.

In versions or later, the property, com.ibm.websphere.ssl.include.ECCiphers, is used to include the ECC ciphers. It specifies whether WebSphere Application Server includes Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) ciphers in the cipher suites.

When this property is not set or is set to false, the application server does not include ECC ciphers. Set the property to true to include ECC ciphers in the list of default cipher suites. If SP800-131a or Suite B is enabled then ECC ciphers are always included.

If you want to enable them please see the following steps.

com.ibm.websphere.ssl.include.ECCiphers = true

Example steps

Deployment Manager 1. In the Administration Console, select System Administration 2. Select Deployment Manager in the Server Infrastructure section 3. Expand Java and Process Management and select Process Definition. 4. Under the Additional Properties section, click Java Virtual Machine. 5. Scroll down and locate the textbox for Generic JVM arguments. 6. Click on custom properties 7. Click new name: com.ibm.websphere.ssl.include.ECCiphers vlaue : true 8. Click ok and save then restart the DMGR.

If running a Network Deployment installation, please also enable for the nodeagent and application server under Generic JVM arguments.


Another Solution:

IBM Recommends to upgrade Latest WAS fix pack. ECC ciphers will be enabled by default.

Note: you don’t need to perform above steps If you upgrade your environment to latest fix pack

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