What MQ packages comes under IBM MQ base or Advance License ?

When we are using IBM MQ in our environment it is very import to understand what software components we are entitled for usage .Means what are the components that we have purchased license to use in our environment . Without this awareness and if we process to install and and dont use then it will be a Non-Complaint . Means without proper license we are using IBM product . If IBM Comes to Audit and found then there will be actions /penalty etc .

So should be very careful when installing MQ . IBM doesn’t provide separate software for each license . It provide a single software where every component is covered . if we just install it will install all .which means we have installed IBM MQ Advanced components .

In the below table we will see what components comes under which category and its equivalent rpms for the linux server .So we will have better understanding on this .

Feature EntitlementMQ BaseMQ Advancedrpm names for the feature
All other IBM MQ components from the install
media not explicitly mentioned
YESYESAll the packages except below can use in IBM MQ Base If we have at-least one then fall under Advanced
MQ Web Console, MQIPT, Client YESYES
Advanced Message Security NOYESMQSeriesAMS
Replicated Data QM NOYESMQSeriesRDQM
This component is available only on Linux for x86-64 (64 bit), on RHEL 7.3 or later.
Certified ContainerNOYESRefer below links
Telemetry NOYESMQSeriesXRService
Bridge to SalesForce, BlockChain NOYESMQSeriesSFBridge
The IBM MQ Bridge to blockchain is available only on Linux for x86-64 (64 bit).
Aspera fasp.io Gateway NOYESfor now it is only available in CD version not in LTS .

To display these components you can use, for example, the following command on Linux :

rpm -qa | grep MQ | xargs rpm -q --info


Product offering entitlement for IBM MQ, IBM MQ Advanced, and IBM Cloud Pak

Plesae find the answer in the document link



What is package for “Certified Container” which is available in Advance .



Note: Above information is as per my knowledge . Please reach out to you account manager for you entitlement and be in Complaint always

Install only what you need . Especially in IBM MQ and remove unnecessary one’s if we are not entitled .

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