How To Clear The Weblogic Cache/temp

It is better to always remove tmp and cache when there is any update with application or re-deploy the application . But safer to take backup of the complete directory before making any deletion .

Recently when working with new application update I found that just bouncing/ restarting server is not enough, we will also need to clean up the cache so that new changes take effect. We will see how to clean temporary directories in Weblogic .

Find out the Domain directory under which our Managed instance folder’s exist . Some customised Weblogic domain existing on a different location .If you dont know the location then on the Weblogic installation location find domain_registry.xml file . In this file you can see the list of Domain’s created and it’s paths .

Each managed server have its own tmp and cache directory .

–> Shut down Server.

–> Delete the contents of the folder ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/your_domain/servers/your_server/tmp…

You can also delete ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/your_domain/servers/your_server/cache

–>Restart Server.

You can also do something like this . In your startup script you can add delete statements so that every time the server restarted new tmp and cache will be re-created .

Note: Do not delete any other directories under the server . If you deleted then restoration is difficult and lead to startup issues .

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