How to generate ibm mq debug data ?

mq server trace steps:

Due to more time it take to run given full sequence steps because of runmqras with trace option , we split runmqras in to 2 parts to minimize over MQ recovery time . 

We follow below steps pls confirm if it is ok . 

1.Starting a high detail trace of everything with files that wrap at 100MB

strmqtrc -m <qmgr name> -t all -t detail -l 100

2.Checking the trace status

sh> strmqtrc -s

3.reproduce problem

4.Stopping all traces in an installation

sh> endmqtrc -a

5. Collect runmqras zip without trace

runmqras -section defs,cluster -qmlist <your_qmgr_name>

*** Now we END QMGR and we Swing over MQ to another Node and follow 6 and 7 .

6.Formatting IBM MQ trace files

sh> cd /var/mqm/trace

sh> dspmqtrc AMQ*.TR?

7.Using runmqras to collect MQ traces and other data

sh> runmqras -section trace,defs,cluster -qmlist <your_qmgr_name>


1) Clean all MQ trace file under /var/mqm/trace on the qmgr side.

2) Make sure you have large space under /var/mqm/trace dir.

3) Enabling trace will bring negative performance impact. Please monitor performance after enabling trace and stop it immediately if performance is impacted much.

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