How to install another instance of MQ installation on AIX server

We have one version of MQ running on /var/mqm and we need another installation on the same server then we we should follow below steps in order to achieve this .

++ Create a dedicated installation directory and designate it as a USIL Login as userid root to create the USIL

– Create directory for the USIL.
This directory will be designated to be a USIL in a step mentioned later on.

mkdir /usr/mqm93

– List the subdirectories that will have the MQ code.
Note that /usr/mqm is the default location for Installation1 (in this case, it already has MQ 9.1)

ls -dl /usr/mq*
dr-xr-xr-x 20 mqm mqm 4096 Jan 27 07:34 /usr/mqm drwxr-xr-x 2 root system 256 Jan 27 09:17 /usr/mqm93

– So far, we do not have any USILs. Let’s verify by issuing the following command:



Note that the directory will be known as: INSTALL_ROOT_PATH

mkusil -R /usr/mqm93 -c ‘MQ 9.3’ -X 

mkusil: Return Status = SUCCESS

-R /usr/mqm93 => usil location
-c comment
-X Expands the space needed automatically.

– List the USILs and note the new one:

INSTALL PATH = /usr/mqm93


Now Install the code specifying the USIL /usr/mqm93

installp -R /usr/mqm92 -acgXYd . all

+ Listing ONLY the MQ filesets for the USIL /usr/mqm92

The AIX command “lslpp” lists the installed filesets.
The following simple command ONLY shows the filesets installed in the default loca- tion of /usr/mqm (it does NOT take into account the USILs)
# lslpp -la “mqm*”

It is necessary to add “-R /usr/mqm02” to specify that the filesets that need to be listed are from the USIL.

lslpp -R /usr/mqm93 -la “mqm*”

+ Listing all of the MQ filesets for all versions installed in the host

Sometimes it is desirable to show ALL the installed MQ filesets, regardless of the loca- tion (that is, the default /usr/mqm and all the USILs).
This is accomplished by using the flag “-R ALL”.
Notice that ALL must be in UpperCase. That is “-R all” is NOT correct.

lslpp -R ALL -la “mqm*”

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