IBM MQ Capabilities

IBM MQ simplifies connectivity by removing the requirement for application changes to help ensure security and once only delivery of transaction-based messages.

  • Once and once only delivery: With IBM MQ, data arrives once, unlike other solutions that can duplicate or lose messages because they have a different quality of service

  • Transactional: IBM MQ handles all messages using a transaction, so you can be assured of predictable behaviour even in failure situations

  • Asynchronous: If the network or an application becomes unavailable, synchronous solutions will fail. Asynchronous solutions, such as IBM MQ, protect that data and resume its transport when the system becomes available again

  • Message encryption: Various solutions offer protection for data at rest. Some only protect the disk, but whereas IBM MQ Advanced protects the message data itself. If the disk is hacked and only the disk is encrypted, everything on that disk is vulnerable. Protection of the messages themselves gives extra peace of mind

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