How to start application from Jboss cli

From jboss-cli console, you can run the following command:

deploy /path/to/the/application.war --name=application --runtime-name=application --server-groups=Server-Group-Name

How to start and stop the application ex –name=application –runtime-name=application ?

There’s no start/stop commands for the application. You can deploy an application and it’s usually already available, unless it’s deployed, but disabled.

What is the output of the following command for each application?

deployment-info --name=application.war

If it’s enabled “false” and status “stopped”, you can enable it with:

deployment enable application

Does the below serve like start and stop application ?
deployment enable application
deployment disable application

What is the command that can be used to just deploy application without enabling it ?

if we have 3 applications and we want to have same order of start up required how we can achieve this ?

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