JVM Options for Garbage Collection

-verbose:gc —– to enable GC informations to be printed.  
-XX:+DisableExplicitGC —- Disable(ignore) explicit call by application like ..System.gc() or Runtime.gc()
-XX:+PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime —- Print how much time application threads were stopped during GC.
-XX:+PrintGCApplicationConcurrentTime—–Print how much time GC was running along with application threads.
-XX:+PrintGCDetails—-causes additional informations to be printed
-XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps —-will add a time stamp at the start of each collection
-Xloggc:C:\\gc.log—- log file name to log GC output
-XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError  —— create automatic heap dump when JVM runs out of memory

By default weblogic will not write any heap dumps when there is any out of memory error .

if you want to take the heap dumps use jmap command .

refer below link which has some useful heap dump generation commands


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