How to verify IBM AMS version on the server ?

if the IBM AMS is installed on the server then the version of AMS will be printed with the below command

C:\Windows\system32>dspmqver -help
AMQ7027E: Argument -help supplied to command dspmqver is invalid.
Usage: dspmqver [([-a] [-b] [-p Components] [-f Fields] [-v]) | -i]

-a All components and fields.
-b Omit header information from the report.
-f Fields, either one or a sum of the following:
1=Name, 2=Version, 4=Level, 8=Build type,
16=Platform, 32=Addressing mode, 64=Operating system,
128=Installation path, 256=Installation description,
512=Installation name, 1024=Maximum command level,
2048=Primary installation, 4096=Data path,
8192=License Type
-i Display IBM MQ installations.
-p Components, either one or a sum of the following:
1=Server or client, 2=Java, 4=JMS, 16=WCF,
32=XMS, 64=GSKit, 128=AMS, 256=AMQP, 512=MQXR,
1024=Other, 2048=WebSphere Liberty Profile,
4096=Java Runtime Environment, 8192=RDQM,
16384=Managed File Transfer
-v Display verbose output.

C:\Windows\system32>dspmqver -p 128
Name: IBM MQ Advanced Message Security
Level: p910-007-201126
BuildType: IKAP – (Production)


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