IBM MQ test questions 1

1) Queue Manager QM1 is configured as a multi-instance queue manager . What command is used to start the Queue manager 

A)strmqm –f QM1 

B)strmqm –d QM1 

C)strmqm –x QM1 

D)strmqm –a QM1 

2) What is an IBM MQ instrumentation event ? 

A)A logical combination of operating system events 

B)an event that occurs when an instrument detects a queue manager or channel instance configuration error 

C)A notification that a local application fails to put a message  

D)A logical combination of conditions that a queue manager or channel instance detect and puts an event message on an event 

3)In s multi-instance queue manager setup . What is the maximum number of standby instance that can be running elsewhere for …. 




D)Unlimited.  –> 1 Active 1 standby and rest will be running elsewhere  state . 

4)what is one use of message activity report information ? 

A)Determine the configuration of the message reporter 

B)Determines the throughput of a queue manager 

C)Determine the last known location of a message 

D)Determine the configuration issues of a message  

5) A SVRCONN channel is going to be tuned for performance and SHARECNV will be changed from 10 to 1 . What should be reviewed …. 

A) Set MQIBindType=FASTPATH in channle stanza of qm.ini 

B) Set KeepAlive=TRUE in tcp stanza of mqclient.ini 

C)MaxChannels and MaxActiveChannels in qm.ini 

D)Set maxPoolDepth=1 in connection stanza of mqclient.ini 

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