Install JAVA on AIX Server

Downloaded ibm-java-sdk-8.0-5.30-ppc64-archive.bin from IBM Site and tried to install but failed . Later followed below steps for successful JAVA installation 
Preparing to install...
Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...
Unpacking the JRE...
Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive...
Configuring the installer for this system's environment...

Launching installer...

JRE libraries are missing or not compatible....

Download from .Download JRE,JDK ,any other files intended like samples etc.

On AIX server we can use below steps.

Untar the all packages on one location and run below command
install -agXYd . * 2>&1 | tee installp.log
lslpp -l |grep -i java8
./java -version from /usr/java*_64/bin location

After successful installation run lslpp -l |grep -i java8 command to get the installed features .Now java is installed on /user/java8_64 for java8 .  Download and copy files to /usr/java8_64/jre/lib/security/

These files are used to support stronger encryption algorithms like AES256 etc

To obtain the JCE distribution file:
1.Browse to the Unrestricted SDK JCE policy files from 
2.Enter your IBM® ID and password.
3.If you do not have an IBM ID, follow the IBM registration instructions.
4.Click Sign in.
5.Select Files for Java 5.0 SR16, Java 6 SR13, Java 6 SR5 (J9 VM2.6), Java 7 SR4, Java 8 GA, and all later releases and click Continue.
6.Review your personal information and the license agreement.
Select the I agree check box and click I confirm to continue.
Click Download now.
7.Save the file to your system.
8.Once the policy files are copied to jre/lib/security/ then we are ready with JAVA .

Now we have complete java under /usr/java8_64 .run ./java -version to get full java version details.

We can tar /usr/java8_64 to another AIX machine and extract on any location and start using it without installation .

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