MQJE001 : Completion code mqrc 2196


On an MQOPEN or MQPUT1 call, a message is to be sent to a remote queue
The ObjectName or the ObjectQMgrName in the object descriptor specifies the
name of a local definition of a remote queue (in the latter case queue-manager aliasing
is being used), but the XmitQName attribute of the definition is not blank and not the name of a locally-definedqueue.
Corrective action: Check the values specified for ObjectName and
ObjectQMgrName. If theseare correct, check the queue definitions. For more information on transmission queues.

Mostly 2196 mq error happened when you define a remote queue with a non exist xmitq on the remote queue definition .

Just verify remote queue definition and display the queue name in the xmitq if the object is not fund then alter remote queue with the correct XMITQ then this error should be gone

alter qremote(name) xmitq(xmitqname)

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