Weblogic admin roles and responisiblities

Thank you for sharing. Can you explain and make procedure about
Roles and Responsibilities of Weblogic Admin
1)Install Weblogic Server

Refer below link to see the installation steps . Steps remain same for both 12c and 14c


2)Configure Domain

Domain creation is already covered in the above post .Admin is created also

Below post is just covers creating new Weblogic server .


3)Deploy application and maintain it

In Weblogic Application can be deployed in different ways .

Using Admin console

This procedure installs a simple enterprise application named myApp to the cluster Cluster1 in the WebLogic domain.

Access the Administration Console with your web browser at https://hostname:port/console.

Click on the Lock & Edit button to start a new edit session.

Navigate to the Deployments page by clicking on the link in the domain structure.

Click on the Install button to install a new application.

Type the path /oracle/applications/prod/myApp/v1/app and click on Next.

Select myApp.ear from the list and click on Next.

Select Install this deployment as an application and click on Next.

Select the All servers from the cluster radio button from the Cluster1 cluster and click on Next.

Leave the default options and click on the Finish button.

Click on the Activate Changes button to apply the changes.

The application should be in a Prepared state. Start the application by selecting the myApp checkbox and clicking on the Start button with the Servicing all requests option.

Select the All servers from the cluster radio button from the Cluster1 cluster and click on Next.

This procedure installs a simple enterprise application named myApp to the cluster PROD_Cluster in the WebLogic domain.

The application is distributed to the cluster using the default deployment option stage mode. In the stage mode deployment, the Administration Server prepares the myApp.ear file to be copied to the stages directory of each of the Managed Servers of the cluster Cluster1. The directory is $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/<servername>/stage/<application>.

WebLogic will use this local copy until a new redeployment is made.

Deploying using the weblogic.Deployer module

use below command to deploy .

java weblogic.Deployer -adminurl https://hostname:port -username weblogic
   -password weblogic -name mydeploymentname 
   -targets myserver1,myserver2,myserver3 -stage 
   -deploy c:\localfiles\myapp.ear

using WLST command line utility

Log in as a Weblogic user to shell and start WLST:

Connect to the Administration Server using wlsadmin as the user, <pwd> as the password, and t3://hostname:port as the server URL:wls:/offline>connect(“wlsadmin”,”<pwd>”,”t3://hostname:port”)

Run the following WLST command to deploy the myApp.ear application to the PROD_Cluster cluster:deploy(“myApp”, “/app/myApp.ear”,”Cluster1″)

4)Integrating various external source

All the integrations are configured under application mostly . but in Weblogic some external sources can be configured like DataSOurce connection , LDAP integration , JMS for MQ connectivity . These are some of the components configured for external server connectivity .

5)Troubleshoot issues

Refer Weblogic tab under this site . Many of the repeated issues are covered .

6)Performance Tuning

This is very command and very application to application . But I will create new post soon for this .


Refer below post for Weblogic patching



Weblogic upgrade involve new Weblogic version installation and re-configuring the existing Weblogic domains .Refer below post for the upgrade steps


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