How to unlock userid in Weblogic ?

Weblogic defines set of user attribute to protect the user from intruders .In the default Weblogic security configuration you have option to turn of or on the locking mechanism ,no off failed logins after which the user account to be locked ,after how Long the id will automatically unlock without user intervention and even if the id locked Administrator can unlock the userid etc

The User Lockout attributes apply to the security realm and all its security providers. If you are using an Authentication provider that has its own mechanism for protecting user accounts, disable the Lockout Enabled attribute.

If a user account becomes locked and you delete the user account and add another user account with the same name and password, the UserLockout attribute will not be reset.

How to check the user account is locked or not ?

In the Admin console expand Admin Server ¬†Expand the Monitoring–>Security¬†tab

here you will see all the security configuration related it user accounts . This page allows us to monitor the user account statics for the Domain Admin server

Total Invalid Logins:       15

User Lockout Total Count: 1

Total Login Attempts while Locked:10

Invalid Logins High: 1

Locked Users:    0

Total Users Unlocked:   1

Here we will see the details steps for unlocking the user account in Weblogic .

How to unlock the user account in Weblogic ?

Login to Admin console with a different account that has admin privileges

Goto Domain Name –> Security –> Unlock user

In the text box displayed on this page enter the User id that we wish to unlock and save .

This will unlock the id if locked other wise it show the message id was not locked .

If all the ID’s [ Administrator ] are locked then the only way is to reset the complete Weblogic domain security .

It is recommend to have at least 2 Admin account for each Weblogic domain . Such that if one id is locked then we can unlock with the help of another id .

Refer below URL to see how to reset the Domain Weblogic security ?

Lets check it out …

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