What is oracle SPBAT and how to use it ?

SPBAT Patching Tool for WebLogic Server,, and 14.1.1

Oracle introduced the new Stack Patch Bundle Automation Tool (SPBAT) to check prerequisites and install all required patches in one step. The SPBAT feature is available for Oracle WebLogic Server, and 14.1.1 on Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms.

This helps Any administrator do not require to download each component separately and patch one by one . All in one and one step to install with SPBAT . Thanks to Oracle for that .

 Stack Patch Bundle (SPB) is available for Oracle WebLogic Server versions,, and . SPB is available starting from JUL 2021 Patch advisory .

Following packages are included with SPB and can complete all in one session .

Included with the WebLogic Server SPB14.
Direct link to the recommended Java SE patch to applyxxx
OPatch (new), bundled and ready to upgradexxx
WebLogic Server PSU for July 2021xxx
Coherence Bundle Patch for July 2021xxx
FMW Platform SPUn/axx
Samples SPUxxx
ADR Patchn/axx
Easy to follow READMExxx
SPBAT utility to check prerequisites and apply patches.xxx

Steps to Apply SPB will be show in the below …..

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